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Welcome to NoCents tool page! -- A few of the things we have made to make barbecue easier and better.

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. This is the NoCents 1 gallon power injector deluxe.


.This is the deluxe power injector needle and valve assembly.

Standard Model injector

Midi injector





New Chik-N-Jector Needle assembly.




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NoCents Stainless rib racks for FE100 cooker

I do not sell the stainless rib racks. The rib racks were custom made for me by a local 1-man welding/machine shop. He since has gone out of business - I don't know if that is a reflection on my racks or not. I have included a tape measure (scale) in the photographs to help others who may want to have some built.

My racks are 1/4" stainless steel rod. The project started as a simple set of "hoop/bows" which I put on the original FE shelves. I quickly discovered I did not like that arrangement, and had them modified with a rod bottom to be "self standing/holding" in the FE. I then discovered the ribs tended to "roll" out of the racks and modified them again to include separator webs between each hoop. I then discovered that the rod ends got hung up on the door edges while removing/inserting the racks - really agrivating when full, and I modified them again with "skis/skids" on the outside edges.

The great news is with all the changes/improvements, they now work fantastic. I wish I would have made several more. The bad news is: I have over $400.00 in the 3 racks I have.

I happily answer questions regarding the racks - Hoping you will avoid the costly mistakes I made designing and building. I am sure someone in your area could cut/bend/weld and you too can have a great set of racks.

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